About this Website

This website contains hundreds of images of my watercolor paintings and sketches, mainly on buildings and urban streetscapes in several cities in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Palembang) as well as some other cities in the world (Kyoto). The website also contains a virtual version of my already-published watercolor books. By showcasing those images, I want to share my passion for painting and sketching in watercolor, as well as to spark the reader’s interest on those old-and-beautiful buildings.


My name is Moch. Ichsan Harja Nugraha. I am an artist currently lives in Bandung, Indonesia __a city well-known for its heritage of beautiful old buildings. Being its lifetime resident, I develop a strong interest in urban/building conservation and since 2005 has already publish several illustrated books aimed at promoting general public awareness on this issue. Those books typically contain 150-300 building sketches exclusively done in watercolor, with accompanying texts describing each building as well as maps plotting their location (see the My Books section on this website), and quickly sold out within 6 months of its circulation despite the high price tag.

In 2005, those books received a special award from Bank Indonesia, as a unique way of promoting urban/building preservation and conservation in Indonesia. Those books also received several coverages in national media as well, creating a lot of requests from several provincial and municipal authorities for similar books to promote tourism.

In 2009, I submitted a proposal to the Asian Public Intellectual (API) Fellowship __a program under the courtesy of The Nippon Foundation__ to create a similar book within less than a year (2010-2011) on Kyoto, a world-heritage city famous for its plethora of old and beautiful buildings. To my surprise, the Fellowship accepted the proposal. Thus, there I was in Kyoto, happily wandering along its streets, visiting temple-after-temple, castle-after-castle with my painting gear, trying to depict those beautiful buildings in the glory of all four seasons. You may see the results (updated regularly) in the Kyoto section of this website.

All images in this website are in my exclusive copyright. You may use those for educational and editorial purposes only, as long as you include the source (http://watercolorichsan.com). Any commercial use without a written permission is strictly forbidden.

For further correspondence please contact me at ichsan(at)watercolorichsan.com.


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