Fan Shop

An old fan shop at Sanjo Dori

An old fan shop (?) near Sanjo Dori.


Kushikura Yakitori Restaurant

Kushi Kura Restaurant. Famous for their Yakitori (Chicken-on-skewer). Highly recommended on Frommers Read a review here:

Cafe Bibliotic Hello

Cafe Bibliotic Hello

Cafe Bibliotic Hello. I’ve visited this cafe just once, and already it’s one of my favorite cafe in Kyoto.

Vegetable Shop

Vegetable Shop

An old machiya selling produces, squeezed between new medium-rise buildings

Restaurant Sanjo Dori

a restaurant near Cupola Sanjo

A restaurant, ramen shop? at Sanjo Dori, near entrance to Teramachi and Sanjo Arcade.

Office Sanjo Dori

an office near Sanjo Dori

An old office building in Sanjo Dori.



Kikuyazakkaten, (very cute) Furniture and handmade goods located in Teramachi Dori, Kyoto. See its website .

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