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In 2005,  along with three colleagues __Arinaka M. Soeharno, M. Avrilany, Rihwan Satriyaji, and Medina Desianti (that’s my wife)__ we set up a collaborative effort to publish a special book in order to promote urban/building conservation in our hometown, Bandung. That special book contains hundreds of watercolor illustrations on heritage buildings and street scenes, making it the first of its kind in Indonesia. A similar book on Jakarta was published later in 2008, contains more than 230 watercolor illustrations. It was followed later (2009) by a smaller book of different series on Sumatera Selatan (South Sumatera) Province, also contains hundreds of watercolor illustrations on heritage objects, tourist areas and natural landscapes. Most of those books have already sold out months ago, and we have a plan to publish a second, revised edition in the near future. In the mean time, you may see the virtual version of those books below.

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Bandung in Watercolor!


This is our first book in the Cities in Watercolor series (published in April 2005 and written in English), describing more than 180 Bandung’s heritage buildings and street scenes, each with a hand-written caption. It’s a hard-cover book with approx. 30x32cm in size, consists of 96 full-color pages of a special, thick, textured paper (Tomohawk). Printed in a limited amount (1100 copy only), the book was sold out within six month, albeit of a high price tag.

Jakarta in Watercolor!

This is our second book, published in September 2009. Made of similar specifications (materials, size and finish) as our first book, it consists of 128 pages illustrating more than 230 heritage buildings as well as other interesting objects in our capital, Jakarta (mostly located near the old town area in northern Jakarta). The book was made available thanks to the joint-support of Bank Indonesia and Jakarta Oldtown Kotaku, a non-profit organisation focusing in the preservation and conservation effort of Jakarta’s old town area. The first edition was a limited, non-commercial print, with Bank Indonesia as its sole buyer (1500 copies in all).

Sumatera Selatan: The Heritage

This is our third book, launched in 2009. Consists of 96 A4-sized (29x22cm) pages, with a different paper (more smooth). It’s a different series, actually, focusing on a region (Southern Sumatera) rather than a single city. The book mostly features traditional and natural heritage of the region, with a special emphasis on its largest city, Palembang. It was intended either as a promotional package or special souvernirs for VIP guests to the city, such as potential investors and national officers.


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