‘Populair’ Shop at Braga St., Bandung (2013)

Old and neglected ‘Populair’ Shop, now renovated as a ‘hip’ restaurant. Pencil outline and watercolor on paper. Done in less than 30″.

Bank bjb building at Braga St., Bandung (2013)

The building was originally Denis Bank headquarters, built in Streamline Moderne style during Dutch Colonial era of 1930s. Pencil outline and watercolor, done in less than 30″.

Old Building at Braga St., Bandung (2013)

Among the oldest building on the Braga St., this building was originally a newspaper office built in 1900s.

An alley at Tamim St., Bandung (2013)

View from an alley toward Tamim St.. This Street is famous for its jeans and other textile products. Pencile outline and watercolor on paper.

An Alley at Alketeri St., Bandung

An alley at Alketeri St., famous for its shops selling household drapery and building materials.

Purnama Coffee Shop, Bandung (2013)

Purnama Coffee Shop, perhaps the most famous old-style coffee shop in Bandung. Kenko gel pen and watercolor on paper.

View along Alketeri street, Bandung (2013)

Alketeri Street, famous for its line of shops specializing in selling household draperies and building materials.

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