Heavy snow at Kurama

“Heavy Snow at Kurama” (2012). Watercolor on paper, 38x57cm. Done in 1 day using fieldnotes and photographs. Kurama Village, North of Kyoto, is among photographer’s favourite for taking snowy scenes. This small village is also the site for the Kurama Fire Festival in summer; at that nightly event, thousands of tourists flock into the village’s only road, making it virtually impossible to get a good vantage point or even to move.

Philosophical Cats

“Philosophical Cat”. There are plenty of them along the Philosopher’s Path, Kyoto. Those cats surely did something good in their previous life, cause all that they’re doing everytime we come to visit them is frolicking and sunbathing.

Autumn in Takao
Morning at Shimogamo Shrine
Hoganji Monzenmachi

“Along the Ebisumizu-cho road, Kyoto” (2011). Watercolor on paper, 38x57cm. Being located right across the Higashi-Honganji (the largest Buddhist temple in Kyoto), the road is famous for buddhism-related souvenirs such as praying beads, scrolls, and small Buddha statues.

Saiun-do Art Supplies Shop

Saiun-do (‘Painted Clouds’) Shop, interior, selling Japanese painting supplies since 1863 (!). The shop’s specialties are specially formulated Japanese painting pigments, as well as Japanese brushes and handmade papers. I bought a set of pigments contained in beautiful ceramic dishes. Note: If you buy something from the shop, you might also want to see the shop’s guestbook that lists famous painters and artists from around the world.

Yasaka Tower

Yasaka Tower, en route to Kiyomizudera Temple, in early winter.  Kiyomizudera is the most famous tourists attraction in Kyoto. This is an alternative approach to the Temple; another picturesque street of Kyoto, featured in numerous postcards and even television dramas. I find all the clutters (signage, wires etc) quite interesting, adding textures to this otherwise plain-looking narrow street.

Watercolor on paper, 40X60cm, done in 2 days.

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