‘The Path not Taken’

The entrance to the Bamboo Forest at Arashiyama, Kyoto, during winter. I deliberately paint the bamboo background to a nice blur using the wet-paper approach not unlike Japanese painting technique. The idea came upon me after I saw some nice paintings on washi (Japanese rice paper) in an artist’s studio at Yoshino. It seems washi is a very porous media to work on; it absorbs water very quickly, blurring any definite edges. This particular work of mine, however, was done on my usual watercolor paper, pre-soaked. Watercolor, 40x60cm. Approx. 6 effective hours in studio.

Morning at Shijo St.

Shijo Street, on approach to Yasaka Shrine. This is my old approach: layered wash, with diluted colors and carefully worked-on details. Compare it with my recent approach in ‘The Sentinel’, also features the same street. Using the previous drawing as a base to capture the ambience, and lots of photographs for details. Watercolor, 40x60cm, 1 days entirely in studio.Watercolor, 40x60cm. Approx. 6 effective hours in studio.

Higashi-Hogwanji Temple

The massive Goei-Do (Founders Main Gate, 16th century CE) of Higashi-Honganji, viewed from the main hall’s corridor. Watercolor, 40x60cm, done in 1 1/2 days.This huge Buddhist compound right in the heart of Kyoto is among the main centers of Shin Buddhism, the most widely practiced Buddhism in Japan. It was late autumn afternoon; I’ve found that the sub-tropic afternoon sunlight casts golden warm color, yet its clear-dry sky produces a crisp, bluish shades (tropical sunlight, however, is rather greyish in both).

Yasaka Shrine

Yasaka Shrine, main hall.  Since this shrine is easily accessible, it has rather became a cliche, photographed and drawn in countless publications. At the foreground is a small structure built to house the sacred water. Hope you all like it. Watercolor, 40x60cm. Done in 2 days (effective time) entirely at my ‘studio’ using photographs as reference.

Ramen Shop

An old Ramen (Japanese noodle soup) near Nishikikoji Dori. Watercolor, 21x29cm. Approx. 6 effective hours in studio.

Shimadai Itoten

An old liquor shop near Karasuma Oike, designated as National Cultural Property.
Watercolor, 21x29cm. Approx. 6 effective hours in studio.

Vegetable Shop

An old machiya located near the end of Nishiki market __at the junction between Nishikikoji dori and Higashinotoin Dori, squeezed between new, modern medium-rise buildings__ selling fresh vegetables and fruits.Watercolor, 21x29cm. Approx. 6 effective hours in studio.

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