Noodle stall at Braga Alley, Bandung (2013)

A noodle stall at an alley along the Braga Street, Bandung (2012). Watercolor on paper, 55 x 75 cm. Braga Street is among the most touristy street in my hometown. I was interested in capturing the contrast and strong perspective leading to the main focus __a fried noodle vendor serving his customers. I’ve also added a girl playing with her scooter to avoid main focus being too strong.

Entrance to Andir Market, Bandung (2012)

Entrance to Andir Market, Bandung’ (2012). Andir Market is among the biggest and most crowded market in Bandung. Chaotically interesting. Makeshift Fishmonger  stalls choke its entrance, and rickshaws and motorcycles virtually take away any leftover space. Watercolor on paper, 38x57cm. 2 hours on location plus 1 hour in studio to add some background, some highlights, and other minor details (cables, mostly).

Sundanese Zither Player

Sundanese Zither Player (2012), 55 x 75 cm. This is my first attempt on high-contrast stage scene. The player was lit by a high contrast tungstene lamp, creating some unnatural reddish hue on the skin. I deliberately ‘tone down’ the background, which was actually rather crowded with shiny musical instruments and elaborate stage lamps. The painting is also featured in the International Watercolor Society (IWS) catalogue of 2013.

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