A Maiko

Painting of A Maiko (apprentice Geisha) in Kyoto (watercolor, 60x40cm). Done in my ‘studio’ for 6 hours, but the ‘inspiration time’ was 4 days. It’s difficult to properly sketch a maiko in-site as they’re always in hurry to the tea house, so I took a mental sketch as well as some photos.

Jidai Samurai

A participant __dressed as a samurai (‘warrior’)__ at the 2010 Jidai Matsuri event. Jidai Matsuri (‘Festival of Periods’) held annually in every September  is among one of three biggest festivals in Japan, featuring peoples in elaborate costumes of different historical eras. This particular participant was dressed in samurai costume of Edo period. I was focused more to his expression than to his elaborate costume (that’s why the detail is rather unrefined). Done in 4hrs, using photographs as reference. I slightly modify his expression to convey a strong yet wise character.Watercolor on paper, 38x57cm. Done in 6 hours.


Another participant in 2010 Jidai Matsuri event, dressed-up as a female warrior (onna-bugeisha, 女武芸者) holding a naginata __long handled sword designed specifically for them. An interesting character, since Japanese women (especially after Edo period) are commonly associated with quiet, fragile beauty. I deliberately blurred another character in this picture to draw attention to the warrior’s face. Watercolor on paper, 40x60cm. 6hrs in studio.

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