Autumn in Takao
Morning at Shimogamo Shrine
Higashi-Hogwanji Temple

The massive Goei-Do (Founders Main Gate, 16th century CE) of Higashi-Honganji, viewed from the main hall’s corridor. Watercolor, 40x60cm, done in 1 1/2 days.This huge Buddhist compound right in the heart of Kyoto is among the main centers of Shin Buddhism, the most widely practiced Buddhism in Japan. It was late autumn afternoon; I’ve found that the sub-tropic afternoon sunlight casts golden warm color, yet its clear-dry sky produces a crisp, bluish shades (tropical sunlight, however, is rather greyish in both).

Yasaka Shrine

Yasaka Shrine, main hall.  Since this shrine is easily accessible, it has rather became a cliche, photographed and drawn in countless publications. At the foreground is a small structure built to house the sacred water. Hope you all like it. Watercolor, 40x60cm. Done in 2 days (effective time) entirely at my ‘studio’ using photographs as reference.

Toji Fleamarket

‘Toji Flea Market in early winter’. Watercolor on paper, 40x60cm, 1 day in studio. This flea market is among three biggest flea market in Japan, contains hundreds of stalls selling almost everything from ceramics, knives, used kimonos, ancient scrolls, antiques, foods, even foot massage service. Held monthly every 21st on the vast Toji Temple ground in southern Kyoto, the monthly market tradition dates back to the 16th century.

Morning Mist

Enryakuji is a vast temple complex, located _rather spectacularly_ on top of Mt. Hiei, the highest peak overlooking Kyoto. Due to its location, mountain mist (and snow) covered the area most of the time, adding a sense of mysterious __even eerie__ ambience. I was inspired by an old photograph of the temple (ca 1930s) that I’ve saw at I decided to recreate the scene, adding the fog for maximum effect.

Kitano Flea Market

Kitano Shrine was built to commemorate (or, rather, appease) a poet, Michizane Sugawara that was exiled to his death during Edo period. Students visit this temple before exams, praying for a good grade. Along with Toji Flea Market, the temple’s flea market is among the biggest flea market in Kyoto and even Japan. It’s specialties are mainly antiques like old iron teapots, calligraphy scrolls, dolls, statues, lanterns, kimonos and obis.
Watercolor in Paper, 40X60cm. 2 Days in Studio.

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