WAK Japan

WAK Japan Office, a “Kyoto-based company providing foreign tourists to Japan with various hands-on culture experiences such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, cooking, wearing kimono, home visits, etc” (quoted from their website

Machiya Kitano

Machiya near Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

A machiya near Kitano-Tenmangu entrance, houses three different shops: a textile shop, a restaurant, and a studio.

Antique Store

Antique shop

A row of machiyas near the junction of Takakura Dori, Tenshucho.

Hinode Villa

Hinode Villa

Old inn in Sanjo Dori, 日昇別荘 (Sunrise Villa) that was build in Edo Era.

Shima Store

A machiya at Oike Dori, surrounded by tall building

嶋臺絲店 (don’t know how to read this Kanji; can anybody help?). An old shop (drugstore?) in Oike Dori, near Karasuma Oike junction. A Designated National Cultural Property, according to this link

Fan Shop

An old fan shop at Sanjo Dori

An old fan shop (?) near Sanjo Dori.


Kushikura Yakitori Restaurant

Kushi Kura Restaurant. Famous for their Yakitori (Chicken-on-skewer). Highly recommended on Frommers Read a review here:

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